Here’s a shopping list of resources constantly needed to remain sustainable. 

Anything you can do to help will be very much appreciated.

In a nutshell, we need anything bike related.



Most of all, we need people.  If you know how to fix bikes, we need you to teach people.  If you don’t, we need you to learn.

We also need people to:

  • greet newbies to Bike Club, explain how it works and how they can contribute
  • find out what newbies to Bike Club need and to direct them to the area where they can find assistance
  • sort through our piles of donated parts
  • put parts back in the correct bin
  • tidy up the workshop and work space areas
  • improve signage and systems


We can use any donated tools you might have lying around. We especially could use:

  • Chain tools and Crank pullers ( they get broken if used carelessly or incorrectly, so we always need super strong fool-proof replacements.
  • Esoteric freewheel removal tools (Suntour and old Shimano)
  • Allen / Hex keys (metric).
  • Screw drivers (small Phillips head and slotted).


Here are parts we often need:

  • wheel axles and bearings (solid and quick release)
  • working or fixable (i.e. not bent) rear wheels (solid and quick release)
  • Bottom bracket sets


  • Decent bicycle chain lube
  • Good quality pairs of brake blocks
  • Puncture patches and glue
  • Degreaser, WD 40, RP 7


Here are some random bits we need:

  • Lots of plastic tubs/big ice cream containers for people to keep tools and nuts and bolts in while they work.
  • Thick textas for labelling and masking tape / label stickers
  • Lighting ! Best are tall, freestanding lamps, as we can use those immediately without installing anything.  Also good are clip on lamps that we can clip to our existing freestanding lamps.  NO HALOGEN fittings.  Bayonet or screw-in only, so that we can put in power saving bulbs.
  • Reflective vests ! Maybe a council or construction company could regularly give us their old vests ?

Can people drop off donations only on Opening hours?

Saturdays from 12 to 4pm are used to catch up on work and tidy up the workshop. You can bring in your donations during these hours as well.  If you can think of another system, do let us know.

11 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Hi John,

    I am currently living in Artarmon, which is about 40 minutes ride from Mosman. But a bike club (or clubs) in different areas at more times would be more convenient.

  2. I have about 10 bikes and both reflective vests and fluorescent shirts, and new tubes etc.
    Can anybody pick them up and travel the 15 kms to the bike workshop?

  3. hi i live in Matraville and have a box of parts seat posts brake parts pedal reflectors shifters detailers. I can’t get over there when you meet is there anywhere closer i could drop them off or anyone live over this way who would liker pick them up – if ,that is, you are interested in them? I am a bit loathe to just chuck ’em

  4. Hi Guys. I have 3 bikes in fair condition – they’re good bikes but they need some TLC. Would you take these – happy for you to disassemble for parts etc or use as project bikes to fix up. Let me know and I can drop them off. Thanks!

  5. To Karen Anderson:
    What area do you live in for a pick-up of your bike?

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