Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers and the generosity of customers and bike shops around Sydney, the CRC acquired most of the tools used to tune, fix, and service a bike. Our volunteers can help you with:

  • Brakes: change and align brake-pads, adjust the cable tension … (NEW: bleed hydraulics)
  • Bottom Bracket: grease, change the ball bearings, cups, and axle, …
  • Derailleurs: replace and tune
  • Wheels: replace a missing spoke, service the hub, …
  • Tires and tubes: fix a puncture, change a tire, …
  • General: Saddle, handle bars, grips, bells, reflectors, racks,

At the CRC you can also grab a pre-loved frame to try building a bike from scratch.  The guys at the bike store will help you select the right frame and parts for your stated use.

Given that many more bikes are being donated, the Bike Store is full every week, so we cannot store your project.  When you have selected a frame, the first step is to put wheels on it so you can at least roll it home and bring it back the next time you visite.

Second hand bikes:

When a bike is donated that is so complete that giving it away is just too easy, we will ask for a moderate cash donation to either our ‘Tools and Consumables Fund’ or to help fund local community projects.

From time to time, we cull the Bike Store of rusty, damaged or unsafe frames and wheels – ones with a terminal illness, such as worn bottom bracket threads, frozen seat post, cracked frame, etc.  These bikes are stripped of useable parts.  Some adult frames are sent to “The Men’s Shed – Mary MacKillop Outreach Centre” where the rear triangle becomes a wheelchair or a moving trolley; the rest we send to the scrap metal people.

On a bit of a sad note, since we moved to Waterloo, we have noticed some people who seem to be building more than one bike for themselves (probably to on-sell for profit).  This is not in the spirit of Bike Club and we are concerned that such unscrupulous behaviour undermines our efforts to achieve our goals and purpose.  If you see this happening, please let one of the volunteers know.


19 thoughts on “Services

  1. I just bought a used bike and the bolt in the left crank shaft keeps coming loose. Is it possible to come by and buy a new part and fix it at the nunnery? Thx

  2. I have 2 bicycles to bring in, one to repair for my wife, one as a donation to the club.
    I do not live locally (Pymble) so will have to drive in.
    Is safe parking available, either on-site or nearby?

  3. Guys
    I have 2 bicycles at home that I would like to bring in: one as a donation to the club and the other to make roadworthy for my wife to ride.
    I am not local (I live at Pymble) so propose driving in on Monday.
    Is car parking available nearby?

  4. Housing NSW makes regular visits to inspect the way we use and maintain the space they have made available to us to satisfy themselves that we remain good stewards of the privilege.

  5. seems kinda like my local bike fix it place in kingston, ontario canada called ‘the yellow bike centre’

  6. The Long Trek (Bicentennial Trail)

    I require the rear wheel fork of a 24 inch trail bike for a trolley made from two bike frames.

    If anyone has any good quality damaged, old, or you just want to get rid of it 24 inch wheel trail bikes with the rear folk in good condition(from the seat support back) I will organize pickup. I will pay for quality bike frame.

    What’s It For.

    For a Walking/bicycling trek from Melbourne to Brisbane via the Bicentennial Trail

    The proposed starting date is the beginning of November 2009. I will starting a walking/bicycling trek along the Bicentennial Trail (which goes from Melbourne to Cooktown). I am building and trialing a trolley between now and when I start the trek. The trip will take a year to complete.

    Ian (The Walking Man)

  7. I have two Raceline MTB frames with gears etc still attached to donate from the Blue Mountains.

    How do I get these to you or get them picked up or is there someone is the Blue Mountains who does something similar to you guys ?

  8. Oh, BTW they one-page article/piece in todays Metro section of the Sydney Morning Herald should do heaps for the cause.

    It’s great to get this sort of press coverage and I hope it inspires similar types of ‘community bike clubs’ to spring up in other suburbs of Sydney.


  9. Where can I buy a “One Less Car” T-Shirt? I think they’re cool.


  10. Hello Folks… I have about 7 bikes in my backyard, i dont know how they arrived and im figuring out how they’ll leave. At a glance, I reckon their fit for somewhere between the Graveyard and the Freebies.

    In any case, if you want them they’re yours. Just let me know and ill put them aside. Only (big) catch is, I dont have a car, so.. does anyone have a van/ute to pick them up?

    Im over in Bondi



  11. Thanks for the props Maurice! I’ve been having fun changing around this website half a billion times, writing some of the content, and generally adding rad pictures all around.

    The Nunnery if filled with some good peeps! 😛

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