Services and Q&A


Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers and the generosity of customers and bike shops around Sydney, the CRC acquired most of the tools used to tune, fix, and service a bike. Our volunteers can help you with:

  • Brakes: change and align brake-pads, adjust the cable tension … (NEW: bleed hydraulics)
  • Bottom Bracket: grease, change the ball bearings, cups, and axle, …
  • Derailleurs: replace and tune
  • Wheels: replace a missing spoke, service the hub, …
  • Tires and tubes: fix a puncture, change a tire, …
  • General: Saddle, handle bars, grips, bells, reflectors, racks,

At the CRC you can also grab a pre-loved frame to try building a bike from scratch. The guys at the bike store will help you select the right frame and parts for your stated use. In this journey, a minimum knowledge about bikes is required as the volunteers are there to help you not do it for you.

Given that many more bikes are being donated, the Bike Store is full every week, so we cannot store your project. When you have selected a frame, the first step is to put wheels on it so you can at least roll it home and bring it back the next time you visite.

Second hand bikes:

When a bike is donated that is so complete that giving it away is just too easy, we will ask for a moderate cash donation to either our ‘Tools and Consumables Fund’ or to help fund local community projects.

From time to time, we cull the Bike Store of rusty, damaged or unsafe frames and wheels – ones with a terminal illness, such as worn bottom bracket threads, frozen seat post, cracked frame, etc. These bikes are stripped of useable parts. Some adult frames are sent to “The Men’s Shed – Mary MacKillop Outreach Centre” where the rear triangle becomes a wheelchair or a moving trolley; the rest we send to the scrap metal people.

On a bit of a sad note, since we moved to Waterloo, we have noticed some people who seem to be building more than one bike for themselves (probably to on-sell for profit). This is not in the spirit of Bike Club and we are concerned that such unscrupulous behaviour undermines our efforts to achieve our goals and purpose. If you see this happening, please let one of the volunteers know.


163 thoughts on “Services and Q&A

  1. Hello, 5/10 female with no bike experience looking to get a bike to commute to work. No idea where to start but a friend recommended you guys. Are you still running and when is the best time to pop down?

    1. Hi Grace,
      Please come to the workshop on opening hours (Monday and Wednesday, from 5pm to 8:30pm). We will be happy to provide you with advice and maybe you can ride back home with a bike. Don’t forget a helmet !

  2. Bike Storage Clear Out

    I represent a large apartment building in Potts Point. We Have a big Bicycle Storage room holding about 150-200 bicycles which we need to encourage residence to use or loose.

    As part of this project I am looking to work with an organization that would benefit from a donation of used bicycles and or work with us to repair and build a cycling community from the 300 residence that live in our Potts Point building.

    Does any one have any suggestions? I was hoping to run a very simple workshop in the park outside our building to get residence to bring there bikes out of mouth balls, lube and pump them up or donate them.

    The reality is that we need the space for people who ride regularly.

    1. Hi Phil
      Please read my communications with
      Nelson Aigbe below. Is this something that you could/would entertain?
      Big Brownie points if you could/would work with the bike club or me personally too achieve a fruitful objective for your Potts Point residents and the dislocated children of Gambia. You own skills may be freely attenuated and/or mastered.By a Meer association with the bike clubs skilful volunteers, This has my strongest recommendations. Because of its benefit to many people from Potts Point to Gambia and of my previous experience with the cycle- recycle club.

      Paul Pryde

      1. Thanks Paul… We have about 200 bikes most of which have not been used for 4 years in a building of 300 people. I am working with the building management to identify abandon bikes. Once identified I plan to arrange there donation. Currently I am promoting a “ON YA BIKE” tune up invitation to encourage resident owners back in the saddle. This it is a community building exercise which is a real Win Win for all concerned since there is no more room for active cyclists. I will get back in touch once the plans firm up

        1. Hi Phil,
          Unfortunately we don’t have a large space to store bikes. We can handle around 10 bikes at a time. To further assist you with this project, we need to know how many bikes are going to be donated.
          We may be able to provide assistance with a “Light” tune up session (tube repair, brake adjustment, chain lube, general maintenance). We can provide you with a list of tools and parts to buy so that everyone (CRC members and Potts Point residents) gets involved.

          PS: No one is allowed to collect donations on our behalf.

  3. I have a good quality Charge Mixer men’s bike that I’d like to donate before I move interstate. Should I just bring it along to one of your regular meet-ups? I also have a few tools, lubes etc. if you could use them.

    1. Hi Philip,

      It would be great if you could come either on Monday or Wednesday from 5pm to 8:30pm. We are happy to take whatever is bike related from you 🙂


  4. Hello! I need to fix my bike, it need a shifter (right one, 6 speed) i have a new gear cable and pedals ( i bought the wrong size and i can donate it) is necessary to make an appointment or something? Cheers!!

  5. Hi, I have a push bike to give away. It needs some work with gears and breaks. If anyone would like to take it, please let me know. I am in Glebe.

    1. Dear Madam, I am organising a group of ex prisoners to ride in the Gong Ride to raise funds for people living with MS. We are three bikes short. Can you help? We are working out of Common Ground, Camperdown.

      Simon Emsley
      Mates on the Move
      0431 689 300

  6. Hi all

    I’m in the market for a second hand bicycle – standard commuter sort of thing but I’d like it to have a few gears if possible (but not crucial – at this point I’d just like to get on the bike again). I’m a 6ft male. If anyone is offloading a bike or if anyone knows anyone that is, and you think it might fit the bill please let me know. Happy to pay in hours or in kind/skill exchange.

  7. Hi Hugh. I have two bikes to donate in fair condition. I live in Stanmore. Are you able to pick up? Thanks.

  8. I have a bike on my Veranda 131 Walker Street Waterloo if anyone wants it .Needs repairs.Free.

  9. would also love to go for a lesurely ride around with any locals who are free… we are dad, mom and two daughters, 13 and 16… we’ll buy the coffee… interests include second hand book stores, peaceful parks, locally made crafts and tea…. both Asia and British Isles-style

  10. Hi, guys… visiting from Toronto next week. Can we swing by and borrow four bikes for a few days in exchange for a few volunteer hours? Thanks. Andy.

  11. Hi Nelson
    The Club mostly deal with road kill Bicycles. The volunteers are skill full persons that give their time freely to the Bike Club and community, by manipulating the mechanical injustices of a bicycles obvious hard times. Those persons knowledge is to include your benefit also. They remake, remodel, or repair any rubbish that comes their way. We have runs on the board doing this and are lucky that the resources are at hand. Readily available to dispatch at your cost to any or other other wonderful outposts of humanitarian glory.


    1. Hi Paul,
      Its nice hearing from you after a while. I see you are going on break in July to resume in August. Yes, I believe its a break well deserved after months of toiling putting bikes together for the needy all over the world

      We are still waiting patiently for your return and hope we will be contacted on your return.
      I can’t really comprehend your email totally but if there is anything you think I should know which I am missing but don’t hold back.
      I thank you for having me in mind and remain blessed.

      Kind regards,
      Nelson Aigbe.

  12. Hi Nelson
    Cycle_Recycle will happily send you bikes and parts that do need tweaking to optimize their usability, something your paid repairers would enjoy. The Bike club has a plethora of bike bits that would satisfy the requirements of any bike seeking person whom would wish to assist us keeping those bikes out of waste pits, that collect and disguise this road side bicycle waste which accumulates here with monotonous regularity.
    We have no desire to build bikes for Gambia just too provide parts and whole bikes that might need a few adjustments. You would not be sent bald tyres or cracked brake pads etc , Just the best bikes we have in stock at any interval. Don’t think for a moment we would build bikes for you. We are to busy clearing our landfill and enriching our own People’s lives. You could pay us to do this, but that’s no going to work either because we are a not for profit organization. Is it going to be cost prohibitive freighting the many bicycle pieces that your children need? I hope that we can work this out we have a resource and you demographic use for the resource. Go figure!


  13. Thanks for your great work
    I have an old trek mountain bike which I have been told by 3 bike repair shops that it is not worth repairing. It has food tyres, wheels and frame but the gears and brakes need work and the chain has bent the catches on the chain ring. Apparently the parts to replace are either not available or hard to get.
    Any advice or should I justbring it to you to donate?
    Kind regards

  14. I will start by thanking you for the good work you are doing for the less privileged in the World. I am the Founder/Coordinator of Grace Foundation, a non profit charitable organization in the Gambia. Grace Foundation free education and free meals at school for street children who had been made to hawk in the streets thus facing all kinds of sex abuse and child labour. However, most of our students live some kilometers away from school and they have to walk this distance every day to get to school. Some of them doze off in class immediately they are in school due to fatigue.
    It is in this vein I am appealing to you for second hand bicycle assistance to aid the mobility of these children to and from school. I believe your assistance will go a long way in seeing that these children remain school and keep alive the progress we have so far in pulling them from the streets and giving them access to basic education.
    We can also be reached on Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook account is: charities@gracefoundation1968 while our Twitter account is: @Nelson32201270
    I thank you in earnest for your anticipated cooperation as I look forward to a positive response from you.

    Kind regards
    Nelson Aigbe
    Grace Foundation.

    1. Hi Nelson
      The Bike club will happily provide you with working bicycles, but are you prepared to foster the cost of getting those bike to Gambia? We have no desire to dispense at our cost anything, that can’t financially benefit our regulatory mainstream curriculum objectives. Thanks for your open minded email. And we are a non profit organization we have nothing to spend on the logistics that you impute.Think about it, If we cant get your kids to school easier without a cost to us! It isn’t going to happen. That’s the bottom line.

      1. Dear Paul,
        I thank you sincerely for this good news. Yes, we are ready to pay for shipping these bikes to the Gambia. Just let me know when the bikes will be ready for shipment then I will contact Maersk Gambia so I can send the information to you.
        Thanks again in earnest for your help and empathy.
        Kind regards,

        Nelson Aigbe
        Grace Foundation
        The Gambia.

        1. Hi Nelson
          Pop into the bike club Monday or Wednesday or both, build as many bikes as you can during those open times We will be delighted to instruct you and will offer you a selection of pre-used bicycles and parts. Those bikes will be ready for shipment once You have completed the construction and properly tested the outcome. From there we hope
          its happy trails to the kids of Gambia.


        2. Dear Paul,
          I thank you sincerely for your response to my email in which you asked me to pop in on Monday or Wednesday.
          However, I would be happy if you could explain to me further because I am in the Gambia not Australia sir.
          Thanks in earnest for your anticipated cooperation.
          Kind regards
          Nelson Aigbe.

        3. Hi Nelson
          You are not able to attend the Bike club on Mondays or Wednesdays To build bikes and learn this craft I’m Shure they would post the parts to you at your cost. That you might construct working bicycles that meets the requirements of the children of Gambia.
          Our requirement is that you help us organize the re-birthing of discarded or unwanted bicycles along with workshop maintenance, parts processing, Knowledge acquisition and sharing of the same and/or some form of donation like your time, some food perhaps and/or even preparing parts for bicycle rebuilding and/or even giving the bike club cash to ensure the continued longevity of the club.
          The Bike clubs objective is to keep bicycles out of the ground as landfill as it is a wasteful outcome for many a velocipede. We do a lot of running repairs for our locals and our time is not quite orchestrated to batching a build to service a marvellous organisations objective like yours.


        4. Dear Paul,
          I appreciate you a lot for your respond to my email informing you of my inability to attend the bike club workshop due to distance. However, I am pleased to inform you we have bicycles repairers hired to fix bicycles should we be given donated bikes. All we need are the spare parts for the bikes and the bikes will be on the road for the good of our needy students on their mobility to school.
          I hope you continue to render this favour to us as we look forward to a progressive partnership with you.

          Kind regards
          Nelson Aigbe.

        5. Hi Nelson
          We would happily send too you Bicycles and parts also. We are a small room with a truck loads of now deceased bikes. We’ll offer you nothing that costs us anything and you pay you nothing (road kill) . But the Kids of Gambia need help. This system might abridge the un-yet established with a happy Traisl to the Kids of Gambia.


        6. Dear Paul,
          I will start by thanking you for your immense consideration and sympathy to the students in the Gambia. I will further express my sincere gratitude for your consideration on sending bikes that are reliable and not ‘road kill’
          as expressed in your email.
          I will be so indebted if you could send me information on when the bikes will be ready for shipment, how many bikes you’re sending and the size of container.
          These information are needed by Maersk in order for a quotation to be given before shipment is made.
          I thank you once again for your empathy and love for the Gambian children. I am most indebted and forever be appreciative to Cycle Re-cycle club.

          Kind regards,
          Nelson Aigbe.

    2. Hi Nelson
      I’m in contact with a building manager here. He has 200 bicycles that are candidates for Grace Foundation use. At the moment he is ascertaining ownerships

      Paul Pryde
      non CRC member

  15. Thanks for your help on Saturday (Hugh?) with the quick release on my wheelchair. With thanks also to George Orwell … Four wheels good; three wheels bad.

  16. It’s the easiest thing to fix on a bike, the brakes and lack of tread on a tyre. Your Tyre/s are not bold rather they are bald (lacking Tread) Come to the workshop Monday or Wednesday better still both and get fixed up easy Please donate food, parts or money and your done on your way.

    1. fixed a bald tyre and brakes on a bike, and did not get a thank you. Some people are a waste of space!

  17. Hi, my back break stopped working and my tires are bold. It starts to be dangerous using my bike. Is there any chance that you can help me with it? Regards, Sylwia

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