This is how the finances are at the workshop. This page exists for a couple of reasons:

  • to show people how cheap it is to make their own bike club
  • to get input from bike clubbers about what we should do with the money we come across

2009 finances aren’t up here at the moment, but they will be soon.


Description Income Expenditure
Balance from 2007: $250
High and Dry bike hire $100
High and Dry bike sales $90
Bike sales $650
Balance $1090


Description Income Expenditure
Peats Ridge bike hire $400
Donations $150
Working bee lunches ($50)
Bike sales at markets $300
Outdoor permanent lighting ($250)
Truing stand ($50)
Combo bike locks ($50)
Tools (mostly replacements) ($150)
Consumables (patches etc.) ($50)
Balance $250


Want to make a donation but can’t make it to bike club? You can donate by clicking on the icon below. The Sydney Energy Cooperative will process the donation and pass all of it onto bike club: