It is about time we got together to discuss and update everyone on how we are travelling.  Our last official meeting was 23 Sept 2009, so it is about the right time again.

Where: The Factory Community Centre
Location: 67 Raglan St., Waterloo
When: Tue 9 Nov 2010
Time: 6:00 pm (ariivals from 5:30 pm)

Look for the 3m tall green doors on the left near the top of the Raglan St. hill.


Where we’ve been this last 12 months

Where we’re headed the next 12 months

Management Team





It’s a good opportunity to check-in with each other about how things are going, to discuss developments and make plans for the future.

Please come along if you want to get more involved or just have some ideas of how you think we can make Bike Club better.

Thanks also to the small group who made it to the working bee on Tuesday night 5 Oct last, the workshop looks better now, but still needs a couple of large boxes of small bits to be sorted.