The place is running primarily by volunteers and wishes to continue helping the community get back on bicycles, share the joy of cycling, socialize without having to buy something and lets not forget recycle/ reuse as many bicycles as possible.

“But I don’t know anything about bicycles!”

“If you know that they generally have 2 wheels then you are good to help.”

To volunteer, you don’t need to know anything about bicycles. There are many different ways on how you can help.

Here are some different ways you could help the club with that doesn’t require bicycle knowledge:

Food distribution (Monday Nights only):
– Set up the serving table, prepare some hot water tub for washing up/ rinsing, receive the food from the Hare Krishna’s, serve the food, collect donations, help clean up and put away the material used.

Working with people:
– Welcoming people to the workshop
– Asking them to sign in the welcome book. (Name and postcode)
– Giving a general intro and referring them to someone that can help.

Manual handling:
– Help us sort out parts, material and build the place to be even better.
– Opening/Setting up and closing down the workshop
– Building tool boards, shelves, stands, etc.
– Helping at the Shed

– Going around bike shops and picking up bike parts that they don’t want.
– Picking up bikes from various places in Sydney
– Organizing drop off and pick up points around the city and greater Sydney.

Computer stuff:
– Help update our Mac with Internet sites that can be accessed off line,
– Upload videos, music, workshop manuals on our computer / website.

– We love cool looking stuff, T-shirts, funky things to promote the club
– Banner

Web site:
– Our websites need updating, sorting out and regular updates on any cool stuff that is happening at the club or that the club could be involved in.

– We love pictures that we can use, print, handout, post on the website.
– Good shots help for funding applications.

– Writing articles
– Creating documentaries
– You Tube videos
– Etc.

– Helping us get donations, write submissions, chase grants, etc.

Advocating for cycling:
– Up to you.

Fun stuff:
– Organizing events, parties, meetings, meet ups, etc. We are open minded and love having fun.

Learning to teach others:
– This place is a fantastic opportunity to learn about bicycle mechanics and apply your new knowledge to help someone else at the club. For example, how to patch an inner tube.

For more information/ ideas/ suggestions please check in with Julien Radcliffe at 0434844659 or or at the Club.

Please check with Julien regarding any task you would like to undertake.

Thanks for supporting the growing Cycle Re-Cycle Club.