So at the last Bike Club meeting we had a huge turn out (Thanks everyone!) discussed opening another night a week, and there was consensus that this was a good idea. Thats right, Bike Club is looking to go steady TWO nights a week!

Meeting September 2009

Meeting September 2009

The idea behind this is to create a space for more focussed learning, for regular mechanics, those keen to get involved or simply wanting to learn more. This would supplement our regular Monday free for all sessions.

A a bit of Background: We ran a two day mechanics training a few weeks ago and we were overwhelmed by keen people. We had 15 people come for two 8 hour days, and about another 30 send us emails asking to be informed of future trainings.

It would be a semi structured learning program with a set topic or area for each week, which while allowing for some tangents, would aim to comprehensively work through the bike over a couple of months.

We would aim to draw on the expertise and experience that exists already within Bike Club and to expand that to all mechanics and keen new people. We could also occasionally get in particularly experienced people from outside the club for one off sessions, perhaps advanced wheel building, tig welding, who knows!
One idea floated was that we have a suggested donation of a 6-pack that goes to whoever runs the session each week.

We want feedback on whether people are excited by this prospect, and how it could work for them, so either leave a comment or select a day from the poll below.
Select a day and time on the link below (sorry the times were just drawn from thin air, we can fine tune them later)

Once we select a day, I would suggest we spend a few weeks promoting it on the website and with leaflets, then run it as a trial up until Christmas.
Other ideas or feedback is welcome