We’re meeting this Monday at about 5pm to discuss the present state of things, nail down what we need to direct our efforts to, and generally muse about bicycle related things.

The State of Things…from the blurry vision of Mark
The Storage Shed is now fairly well organised, so a big thank you to Dylan and all the other volunteers for doing the hard work and building the shelving and mezz level.

The Workshop is currently alternating between looking like high-density housing and a junkyard, so we need to clean it up. The actual act shouldn’t be too hard, just a matter of putting all the accumulated boxes of donations into their correct places and maintaining it in the future.

The majority of calls and emails that I recieve, in regard to the workshop, are asking about ways to get cheap bikes, if we do repairs, and how to make donations. All this information is buried in the website and as bi-product of the incremental growth of the website is has never been organised after first being set-up. This needs to be remedied, most people admit to being generally confused by it …

…. Things be thus