Are you looking for something challenging to do in January? How about empowering youth about a sustainable future? Or riding around rural Australia living sustainably and “being the change you want to see in the world”?

The Otesha Project (Australia): Cycling for Sustainability is undergoing massive preparations for its upcoming bicycle tour in rural Victoria starting in Melbourne on January 18th. The tour will ride along the Great Ocean Road, up to the Grampians, making our way over to Bendigo before finishing back to Melbourne while speaking to youth about sustainability issues.

Since 2000, The Otesha Project (Aus.) has pedalled across Australia educating youth and raising awareness about environmental sustainability and social justice issues. Otesha is a Swahili word for ‘reason to dream’ and is the underlining philosophy of the organisation. The Otesha crew combines theatre performance with interactive workshops to empower high school students to consider their life choices to ensure a positive future.

For Angela – co-director – the experience of the bicycle tours is fulfilling on many different levels: “What I love about these tours is that to me it is the perfect way to make a difference in the world; by being inspired by others and inspiring youth in a hilarious and engaging way,” she says.

Tour participants will travel around rural regions of Victoria and present the comical Morning of Choices presentation and engaging workshops to youth throughout the state. The collective community works together to make all this possible by creating workshops around issues they are passionate about, as well as helping to organise school bookings and tour logistics prior to tour departure.

Interested in planning community events? Worried about your knowledge about sustainability? Want to be part of a creative way of engaging youth on these issues? Give it a try, that’s why the Victorian tour wants you to apply!

The Otesha Project (Aus.) is seeking individuals from varying walks of life – people with different experiences, backgrounds, and interests to help us build a roving community. While on tour, participants not only learn skills to become strong advocates to living sustainably, but also develop skills such as media communication, leadership, acting, and communal living.

“I’m constantly impressed with the diversity, support, and excitement of tour members and the community for our initiatives. All of this makes me hopeful for a positive future,” Angela says.

Applications for the Victorian tour are pouring in so be sure to get your application in before the deadline of September 19, 2008. For information about applying visit the Otesha (Aust.) website at

Peace and bike grease

– The Otesha Project (Australia) crew