Sorry everybody, with the new work site we are required to put in some paper work before we can commence work, we’ll keep you posted about when the working bee will happen but as of now it’s cancelled for this Saturday. – Mark


Hiya all, hasn’t been much happening on the web page lately because we’ve all been busy fixing bikes…or something to that end.

But good news, for those that didn’t know the future of the women’s collective at it’s present location is not guarenteed and so we’ve been looking for a new space for some time. The hosting and welcome by all the women involved with the house has been uniformly fantastic over such a long time and while we have to move on, the worst of it is that they very well may lose their home. But thanks to the efforts of Dylan and James there was a new site found for Bike club in the Redfern Public Housing Towers. This is not only a fantastic site for the facilities (roofing and wide open spaces on concrete surfaces) but also it puts us into more of a central location to help anyone who might have a use for the bike club facilities.

You can find out a bit more about the new space on the figureight site here.

So to get this new space ready for a mass migration, we have a working bee this Saturday the 16th of August. We’ll be leaving from the Nunnery at 11:30am to get to the new space by 12:00. If you can’t make the ride or want to go a bit later, there’s a map here that shows the route we’ll be following, once you get to the corner of Phillip and Cooper it’s on the left of the car park. It’ll be a good day to see the future of bike club progress, and this is where it all starts.

Hope to see you all there!