This is a new page, created Feb 08, where we will put down how the finances are working at the nunnery. This is here for a couple of reasons:

– to show people how cheap it is to make their own bike club

– to get input from bike clubbers about what we should do with the money we come across

So here goes.. 07 money went a little like this:

Income: Peats Ridge bike hire – $400. Donations – $150. Bike Sales at markets – $300. Total: $850

Expenses: Working Bee lunches: $50. Outdoor permanent Lighting: $250. Truing Stand $50. Combo Bike Locks for 24/7 Bike Donations: $50. Tools (mostly replacements): $150. Consumables (patches, rubber cements, kero, WD40): $50.

Balance: $250

2008 so far has gone like this:

Balance from 2007: $250

High and Dry bike hire: $100

High and Dry bike sales: $90 ($50 paid, $40 owing)

Bike Sales: $650 ($250 paid, $400 owing)

Expenses: $0

Position: $650 available, $1090 total

So what are we going to spend it on?  Plans so far:

– Outdoor power points: $50

– MORE outdoor lighting: $250

– Stock of new brake and gear cables and housing: $300

– Stock of rubber cement: $50

– Donation to Nunnery’s bills: $50

Does anyone have something to add to the list?