Bike club has been busy preparing and providing bikes to highandry festival over new years and we’re back for another big year. The space is in great condition all things considered, thanks to a great effort on Monday by Dave and Co. to clean stuff up. But… it’s time to make it even better!

This is a callout for helpers and thrill seekers this Saturday 12th from 10am at the Nunnery. We’ll be getting those wheels back in line, rejuvinating the ‘project bikes’ section, mounting our beautiful new wheel truing jig, playing triage to the innertubes, getting our shed in order and marking out some sections of the yard where we really should not be leaving bikes & bits.

Come along for some fun, help make the Nunnery bike workshop beautiful, meet some new friends and get a free reflective slap band for your efforts! You don’t need bike skills to be helpful, just need enthusiasm.

Hope to see you there!