That’s, right. 3pm sunday Nov 11 in the ‘Eco Zone’ of Newtown Festival is the place to be for a crash course in bike Maintenance. Thanks to the Watershed enviro resource centre on King St for inviting us. At the moment I’m running it on my own but very much looking for someone else to co-facilitate the workshop with me. Preferably someone with more bike experience then me!

I’ve already developed a structure for the workshop (attatched to this post). Basicly we’ve an hour slot so a 10min whirlwind of bike fitting, maintenance, storage and safety, then 30 min talking people through the most common repairs to tyres, brakes and drive trains. Leaving 20mins spare time for questions and running late. If your keen to help me, please give me a call on 0401 447 675

I’m also developing a hand out with some tips and further reading/resources. Or maybe you have suggestions for the running of the workshop. Please let me know your ideas and I can include them. Call or email jp_on_tour(AAattTTT)graffiti(dDOTT)net