Cafe You are invited to the GRAND opening of the Newtown Community Café this Sunday, May 6, 20007!

What’s Happening?

11:00 AM All Day Bike Club DIY Bicycle Maintenance
Come down and repair your bike, learn how to fix parts of your bike, hang out, or help at the Nunnery Bike Workshop
12:30 PM Polyamory Picnic and discussion
Come and discuss what polyamory is and how people can make it work?
1:30 PM Screen Printing workshop with Miss Kate
Come out and learn how to create and print your own designs
3:00 PM How can non-Indigenous activists can be better allies with
Indigenous activists

Ray Jackson Wiradjuri Elder is hosting a workshop on how non-Indigenous activists can be better allies to Indigenous activists and Indigenous struggle.
5:00 PM Official Opening of Newtown Community Café
We are starting with Acknowledgement of Country then performances by Tom Citizen, Emma T, Edwina, Annie Free, Dylan and friends and Pete and open space for you!

Is There Food?

Are you kidding? There will be amazing scrumptious vegan treats and drinks on a pay as you feel basis 🙂

Hope to see you all there!

More Details on the Nunnery Community Café

This particular space runs a regular dumpster bbq by donation, and will serve fair trade and Zapatista coffee and tea and organic vegan treats. We want to have a little library of politically interesting literature, and a book outlet for jura books, computers/internet to use, radical art and performance, a map and folders of all the interesting change making going on in Sydney that we know about, a healing space with a massage table so we can look after each other a bit, a photocopier that people can use at cost and of course the bike recycling project- bike club.

The people involved at this point have many reasons for participating. Some of us are animated in this project by a vision of this city as a decentralised network of radical communities linked through conscious commitments to mutual aid and see spaces like this as kernels of such communities. Some of us just want a social space to hang out that supports us as political beings. Some of us see this as a good point of entry for people who are interested in changing the world but don’t know where to start. Some of us like the breaking down of the private space and public politics divide. And for some of us it’s a space to hang out with people who are engaged in political activity for specific causes but have bigger dreams of different worlds and few spaces in which to develop this. We hope that it becomes a space that nurtures many dreams and visions both for the space itself and for the world.

How you can help the café

Here’s a few ideas that you can help our café out if you are keen!

  • Offer or organise performances
  • Serve in the café
  • Fundraise
  • Clean up
  • Participate in a working bees
  • Do site maintenance
  • Set up sinks
  • Dumpster runs for food for the café
  • Finding/ giving catering equipment (i.e. commercial blenders juicers, cake mixers etc)
  • Offer massage/reiki, etc.
  • Make coffee
  • Do publicity
  • Help to make it water and power sustainable
  • Organise workshops
  • Meetings or events at the café

Think about your home space, or a space you are involved and if possible get something going there.

What Inspired This?

Friends of ours have come back from Europe with stories of every night being able to go somewhere and find good vegan food by donation, political performance or discussion and community space. Many of these stories revolve around social centres, anarchist kitchens and info shops.

We think such spaces are amazing- but we recognise that they take an enormous amount of work to set up and to maintain. Often social centres need the entire focus of a big crew of people. In terms of physical space
it takes either expensive rent (particularly in Sydney), mammoth amounts of fundraising or attempts at squatting- all of which come with their own particular joys and problems. Also in Sydney there are currently so few collaborative spaces that there isn’t really a culture of support around them yet.

Drum Role Here’s the Vision

So our vision is for a network of spaces like those but different growing all over this city. Spaces that are semi-permanent, like us. Spaces that help to feed us and that nurture our desires for different worlds. Perhaps we could call it an idea for a decentralised social centre.

Initially our focus will be building our community of involvement and raising funds to cover the costs of putting it on. Beyond that we hope to be able to put a call out to other spaces and crews to put similar stuff on in spaces they occupy and to better communicate between similar spaces that already exist and are already doing fun stuff.

Because we think bellies are the heart of any community we hope to fundraise then to buy a catering van- so the café part can be trucked around to other spaces and happen there. We hope once we have the van to be able to put a call out for other people in other spaces to make vegan café goodness once a fortnight or so. If you want to set something up
before that we are keen to help in whatever way we can so contact us if you want support.

We hope that this will mean we share the work around and the crews that take it on can do it as one of their political projects- not the only one! We also think perhaps that building a community, which sees a need for a social centre before making the physical space might help develop a Sydney based social centre eventually.