Working BeeWe are having a working bee at the Nunnery to set things up a little better than they are currently operating. It’s an exciting time cause new things are on the horizon and we’d love for you to head out and give us a hand (the more the merrier).In particular we have a few ideas of things that need to get sorted out for the day.

  • Setting up the signage (thanks JP) about how stuff should work around the workshop
  • Creating tool boards so that we can buy some more tools
  • General cleaning (our storage shack needs some serious TLC)
  • Getting keys sorted out for new openers and closers (oh heh if you want to be part of that contact Maurice)

Okay so I might be interested but what are the deets?

Where: Nunnery (but of course) – check out this map
When: 11:00 AM till dark (call ahead if you think it’s to late for you to arrive)

What if I only have a small amount of time?

That would be great because every little bit that you can offer will help. Even if it is to come by and say “Hi guys”, provide hugs, and then leave again. We’d really like to spruce things up and get our new system rolling out the Nunnery.