At the Nunnery Bike Workshop we are thinking about labelling all the bikes that leave our humble grounds for a new life with their loving owners. We really don’t have a cool design that we could print onto a label and stick on each bike that we say farewell too.

That’s where you come in…

We would really love to see or get some designs (here’s our old design that we use for spoke-cards) from some of the crazy folk out there that we could use for our bicycle workshop! So do you have the skills to pay the bills? Hopefully someone out there in internet land has a keen interest in designing us something rad that we could use.

We’ll post all the entries here as we receive them and then people can vote on which one they like!

Ready, Set, GOOOOO!

Oh and you can send your designs to mullets_for_freedom ATTTT yahoo dot com dot au

Oh oh and here are some designs that we have found! Feel free to vote on some of them too!

Trees Not Bombs Save LandAnarchist CyclingBicycle Sign