[Apologies for the really late post on this one folks]

Tonight at the Nunnery Bicycle Workshop we will be fixing up a few bicycles for volunteers to use at R.E.G.E.N. 2007! Regen 2007

“R.E.G.E.N [Random Evolution of Growth, Entertainment and Nature] is an incorporated, non-for-profit collective of environmentally concerned individuals and is coordinated by both environmental and music professionals. The collective includes members with tertiary qualifications in environmental science as well as significant experience in the fields of environmental management and bush regeneration (see coordinator summaries below). These skills are combined with those of professional music event organizers to create a unique team with a broad skills-base, and the capacity to achieve environmental objectives through creating an atmosphere that encourages community involvement and awareness.” – R.E.G.E.N.

TreeOkay so what do they actually do?

It’s a massive gathering of people celebrating music AND planting 12, 000 trees this year while dancing to music. How cool is that!

I might have some time?

So a few of us will be gathering at 6:30 PM and working for a few hours to try and put together a fleet that can be used at this exciting event! If you are unsure whether we are still there give Maurice a call on his cellphone (0437940265) if you want to drop down.

Mmm don’t think I have time sorry!

That’s alright if you are attending R.E.G.E.N. and either ride your bike their (super cool factor) or are driving with a bike on the back we’ll have a repair tent (we = Nunnery Bike Workshop) ready to help you out with your bicycle repair woes.

Hope to see a few of you out there!