Gears Oh Gotta Love the GearsWell at the last Monday Nunnery Bike Workshop anyone who was interested was invited to sit down in a collective meeting to discuss how we could move forward to make our group more sustainable long-term.

We spent about 2 – 3 hours discussing a wide range of ideas, new plans, and all that jazz and came up with some changes and future thoughts for the Nunnery Bike Workshop. If you wish to help out in making any of this possible it would be great to see new/old faces at the workshop helping out! 😛

You should see some changes coming up soon but I’ll outline the basic volunteer jobs that we noted would be super useful around the bike workshop (if you’re new here check out this posting to get a good idea of what’s what)

Volunteer Jobs

  • Phone contact – We could definitely use someone to be a phone contact (maybe something we could rotate) for the workshop.
  • Email contact – We are currently waiting to be approved for a new email address and would love someone or for that matter more than one person to maintain our email list. The questions we receive aren’t that tough and could use some fresh people to respond to new interests.
  • Getting bikes – We could use some people to find places to obtain new donations of bicycles, parts, etc.
  • Organizing donations – This is pretty similar to obtaining bikes but relates more to things that we regularly use around the workshop (i.e. patches, patch glue, chain grease, tubes, helmets, lights, and all that goodness). Some of this stuff is really nice to have especially for new people who are just starting out on bikes and don’t have a lot of $$ to buy everything.
  • Help w/ signage – We are planning on having signs around the workshop to make it easier for people to know where everything goes, how things should look, and be able to get a good feel for things when they just arrive. JP has started a bunch of this work and could use some help with the completion (thanks JP for doing this secretly bro!)
  • Ways to contribute list – We could really use a list to identify the various regular volunteer jobs that can be done around the workshop to keep those beautiful gears that our workshop is in motion.
  • Selling bikes @ market – Occasionally, we fix up bicycles and then take them to the Newtown market to be sold. It would be nice if we had volunteers to show off our new wears and sit there waiting for a lucky new owner to snatch up the bicycle and help support our cause. Plus the market is a great place to meet some cool people.

If you are interested in more things we discussed feel free to continue reading… (oh and feel free to comment as we love to hear from you out there!)

If not bail out now…

Future Ideas Pool

  • More Lights
  • Bike Club Phone or a redirecting sim
  • Big box of random stuff for processing stashed away so not cluttering shed
  • Undercover tarp or something to easily setup when it starts to rain (cause Shane is the only one who really likes dancing in the rain)
  • Workstation idea with signage
  • Need more repair patches
  • More tool stations (i.e. more shadow boards)
  • More tools
  • Get rid of rims that are busted
  • Talk to dude (sorry don’t know which dude but Maurice might?) about getting new wheels and tires
  • Wheel straitening jig
  • Trying to use our bikes as an asset to keep bike club running
  • Broken bits box in shed- and someone to go through them
  • Setup a ways to contribute list

 General Discussion

 Opening & Closing

  • Roster? Take one weekly meeting to discuss roster and other issues & gather contacts for roster
  • Closing Time (9:30 for 10:00 shutdown) – 11:30 max
  • Opening @ 4
  • Keys for Openers & closers (+ 1 set at Cheeky Monkey)
  • Contact list (email) in general for working bees and other things


  • Draws better than boxes (filling cabinets)

 Storage & Labour Share

  • Every one likes the signs
  • Every person who comes to the workshop should do at least 20 minutes volunteer time (see work list) and then depending on how much they end up doing on their bike (or a new bike they build) the amount of time would increase