How cool is bike club? Pretty rad. Actually, it’s cooler than rad. It’s brutal. I’ve never seen anything like it. You can just show up and play with bikes. Everything is free – no rent, no insurance, no one is paid, no bought parts. It’s not sponsored or externally-funded – there’s not a single bureaucratic or government penny or pinky near it, just community. Anyone can come, you don’t get told what to do and nobody has ever filled in a form. But it also needs a wake up call. In order to remain a beautiful expression of a sustainable community based on anarchistic organisation, some organising is going to have to done to address the sustainability.

What are we talking about here? The tools are in a bad way, broken, missing or just in a mess. All the best mountain bike parts are disappearing in large numbers that certainly aren’t being used on Mondays. The shed’s scarier than our house and the lovely women who live at the Nunnery are cleaning up after us during the week. JP and Maurice are finding that they have other things they want to do. So what happens when JP doesn’t show up – who does he tell and who else actually has keys? And when Maurice doesn’t close – what time do we clear out of there by and can we have people the nuns don’t know alone in the yard? Or if a tool is broken or there is one we’ve never had but would love to death? Do we have a kitty already or should we make one now? Who pays for the tofu and how come there’s no beer?
The truth is, even though some people give us credit for running the show, we hardly do anything now and we’re about to do even less. So this is an exciting time, when everyone gets to decide how bike club runs and then run it. Lots of you have great answers to the questions above, you’ve already been keeping it going for a while, so it’s time to recognise this, congratulate yourselves and step it up. From our part, we haven’t done enough to pass on information and experience from the past year or so to let you run the show more effectively and with greater satisfaction. In fact, many of those questions above have simple answers and if you don’t know them, then that’s our fault. Come to think of it, i don’t know that we’ve ever told anyone that there’s nothing we like more than for seeing others walk around like they own the place.

So this Monday (April 2) we’re going to have a chat about setting up sustainable systems and roles to keep bike club running. So please come along and give your input about how these systems go. And if you’ve never thought about taking on a really active role at bike club, now’s a great time 🙂 We’ll probably meet at about 7:30. A working bee to put the systems into place will no doubt follow, so if you can’t make it for the meeting, check the blog afterwards.

I’ve already made a start by putting up a page with some information. Please ask more questions in the comments.