There’s a Corroboree at Lake Cowal again this Easter, from the 6th to the 9th of April. You can read all about it on the website. It’s all about a Lake and underground water system on indigenous land being destroyed by a gold mine and the tonnes of cyanide the mine dumps into it.

Each year, traditional owners and activists and environmentalists from all over visit the Lake to help in the campaign against the gold mine. This time, there will be some people going by bike. It’ll be a good way to see the land that’s being degraded and the riding around the area should be fairly flat, not to mention scenic. So I’ve attached a little document all about the train/bike options available to get to Lake Cowal. Unfortunately due to Countrylink‘s anti-bicycle policies, the options are fairly limited. Please have a read if you are interested in riding to Lake Cowal and make comments on this post so that others know that you are interested. From there we can organise riding together, booking trains etc.

You can read the document on riding options here: lake-cowal-bike-options.doc