The nunnery is going to have some bikes for hire at the Peats Ridge Festival. Does anyone have some time to get a few bikes up to scratch in the next few days so that we can have them at the festival? I’ll check the the nuns and if the timing is okay, i’ll be there Thursday or Friday this week.

Also, if there is anyone going to Peats Ridge or Gosford way, we could use some help transporting the bikes to the festival. Will also need help getting them back home, so if anyone is driving to the festival, let me know.

For those who don’t know, Peats Ridge Festival is a music, arts and sustainability festival. There will be bikes inside the grounds and bike parking available. You can ride to the festival from Hawkesbury Station and a bus will carry your gear for you for free. It’s 27km of nice riding and saves you a bus ticket and lets you have your bicycle inside the grounds. More info at