Apparently, most of us can’t get enough of the bike co-op cause it keeps drawing us back for more fun filled days of work and adventure! Today’s cleaning session was really successful at doing some more really serious improvements to the entire Nunnery Bike Workshop space.

New shelves. Now what?Tasha and Shane concentrated most of their efforts on organizing more of the actual shed space so that it was easier to get at more things around the shop. It was hard work especially considering it was 35C outside and the two of us were inside a confined shed space. But we managed to take breaks and eat vegan tofutti cuties (sorry for the product placement), good hummus snacks, and conversations as well.

Mark took on the task of finishing up the fence with Andrew, and then tackled the remaining gate work (with some assistance from Shane) so that it now closes properly and is attached to the fence again! YAAAH!

More tool holders

Maurice and JP got up to mayhem as they created the new tool boards for peeps to use at the workshop (nice work boys)! JP spent a bit of time before that sorting a great deal of parts into separate bins to make it easier for people get the right parts. Maurice also took a bit of time to break down the remaining bikes that were left for scrap, and they were then loaded up and taken to a place where they will be used to help create recycled wheelchairs (cool idea heh)!

So overall it turned out to be a really great day with a lot of fantastic accomplishments achieved! Andrew (still super stoked) managed to walk away today with a new bike that he snuck some time in to repair and ride home too.

Peace and bike grease,