Let's create something to hold all these tiresToday was totally productive (props to all those great peeps that showed up to help)!

When I showed up to the workshop Maurice had already obtained some tables (4 in total) that had been thrown away at the university. Can you believe that he actually brought them back to the Nunnery on his bike (holy smokes)! Good on you Maurice.

So then we started the process of converting these into something that would hold bicycle rims and full tires. After a bit of planning and such we ended up with a pretty organized tire setup thanks to George for his amazing sorting and rim inspection skills!

Sort the tires/rims

Dylan helped organize all the tires into seperate piles (check out the picture below of that work — holy tires man). Also, there were a few other peeps who showed up to help rebuild the fence around the yard to make it more stronger. Overall, we all agreed that the entire day was a huge success. We could still really use your help on Friday if you can make it out to help complete some of the sorting of parts, create a portable tool stand, and a few other odd jobs too. THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO CAME!

[Be sure to check out all the pictures by clicking on any of these pictures!]

Repair the fence
Let's sort some tires (holy smokes)