Desmantling a bikeToday it seemed like the flow of people arriving at the bicycle workshop never seemed to end. From the moment that the doors opened lots of different people were coming and going throughout the night! If definitely helped to keep a vibrant atmosphere to the entire space!

Heaps of people show up to build bicycles, learn some bike maintenance, and repair their existing bikes (like the beauty that I rescued from the pile of bikes available last week).

A really great crew of youth came in and started working on a few bikes for themselves and left at the end of the night with a few new bikes for them to cruise around the community with (YAAH)! Thanks to Maurice for giving them a hand at fixing up the bikes so that they could roll out with them the same day.

Lots of teachingLater in the evening a van filled with bikes arrived to increase the stock of bicycles available for people to repair and work on. The vibe was really relaxed, fantastic, and beautiful! Honestly, being someone from Canada who hasn’t experienced this kind of experience was pretty cool (read: In Calgary where I’m from they don’t have a co-op but other cities do…and this kind of space makes me want to set my own up!) I was happy to see so many people roll out on two wheels with a big smile and scream of joy (you know who you are!).

If you have any tools (wrenches and the like) to donate to the co-op that would be really fantastic! Or bikes or other parts that could be of use don’t throw them out drop them off.

Peace & bike grease,

Shane Bill
Photograph Junkie, Traveller, and Bike Lover

PS Tell your friends! This is the kind of thing that we need to spread around to get more people showing up to educate, learn, and chill out!