The Forbes St Nunnery Community Bike Workshop is on every Monday afternoon from 3pm at 40 Forbes St, Newtown. Map available at We have been having lots of fun lately and have been staying really late. However, just to be sure, you may want to call one of us to check that we’re there if you are planning on coming before 4pm or after 8pm. Same goes for rainy days. 

The bike workshop collects abandoned bikes and parts to create working bikes to give away. It is also a place to fix up your bikes with the tools and parts available. Come help us fix bikes, show us how to fix bikes, ask us how, fix your bike or a friend’s, or just come and have some tea and coffee. Everyone welcome.

We gratefully take donated bikes and parts that were not going to be used. Tools, oil, WD40 and small donations also accepted, but most of all, we just want your company while fixing bikes and would like you to spread the word!

Contact: JP 0401447675 Maurice 0437940265,