Mondays and Wednesdays 5:00 to 8:30 pm

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Rain, hail or shine!

In the car park, 1 Phillip St., Waterloo (cnr Cope St.)


Cycle Re-cycle Club (CRC, but affectionately known as “The Nunnery Bike Workshop”) is a community based group of enthusiastic bike minded people who gratefully receive pre-loved or abandoned bikes, parts and accessories to help you make a working bike to go back into the community.  At present, we have only limited means to receive bikes outside our operating time, but give us a call and we might be able to pick up.

Our goals are to:

  • assist disadvantaged people from the local and wider community to own a bicycle.
  • maintain and increase the availability of bicycles.
  • provide a social forum for exchange of ideas and experiences to enhance client knowledge.

Our volunteers work alongside people from the local community, sharing their mechanical knowledge and showing them how to use tools to recycle discarded and pre-loved bicycles and to repair and maintain them afterwards.  All aimed at increasing the use of bikes in and around Sydney.

We and others like you who attend, will help you to use our tools carefully and safely and to select parts available, to build a bike for yourself or a friend or repair or maintain your own bike.  In return, we ask that you come back to help others, using what you have learned from us.

Access to tools, parts, components and consumables is free and you are encouraged to ensure the club’s future by participating in our activities and returning to share your knowledge with others.  For more detail on what we expect from you in return for what we give to you, please see our How Does Bike Club Work ? page on this site.

Join in with us and learn all about how bikes work and / or share your knowledge and experiences or just come along and have some social time.

Everyone is welcome !


Currently based at 1 Phillip St., Waterloo (cnr Phillip and Cope Sts.), in the grounds of the Housing NSW precinct, we serve a wide range of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds including local indigenous people, the unemployed and nearby residents.  We also receive visitors from all over Sydney including students, backpackers and foreign language visitors to Sydney / Australia.

We are located in the two garages below the ‘Turanga’ building and have been affiliated with The Factory Community Centre Incorporated since Jan 2009.

For a summary of our history, beginnings and vision for our future, see our How Does Bike Club Work ? page on this site.

A map is available at the Bikely website showing the route from our previous location at Forbes St., Newtown to our new Phillip St., Waterloo location.


We open every Monday and Wednesday 5-8:30pm excluding 25/12 and 01/01 (we’re all volunteers, so sometimes we might be a bit late opening up).  If you believe you can commit to opening up Bike Club for us one day a month, please see the contact list below.  If it’s raining, feel free to call us to see if we’re there.  Same goes with long weekends.


We do not build second hand bikes to sell, nor do we sell donated bikes in working order, however, we can put you in touch with people that do, so feel free to ask.  We would rather have your help than your money and having some people as customers and some as bike sellers detracts from the community nature of our Bike Club.


Cycle Re-cycle Club does not charge for its services.  To remain viable, we rely solely upon donations of bike parts and consumables with volunteers giving freely of their time and bike mechanics’ expertise.

We gratefully receive pre-loved or abandoned bikes, parts and accessories during our operating hours (5-8pm; we shut the doors at 8:30pm).

Anyone showing up is encouraged to take part in the running of the workshop.  This can be by simply donating their time to help others learn how to maintain or repair their bike, help sorting of parts and components or general housekeeping.  The idea is that anyone who attends learns by hands on experience how to maintain/repair their bike and be able to share the knowledge gained with others.

To be up with all the news and to be involved in the latest happenings at the workshop, visit our Events, Diary, Discussion page.

If you find our help valuable or just had a good experience at Bike Club and would like to show your appreciation with a donation in kind (stuff we need), we always need inner tube repair / patch kits, degreaser, tools, oil and grease and, of course, we’d like your company while we fix bikes and help to keep the club going.  Most of all, we are always on the lookout for mechanically skilled people to share their talents.

The first time you attend, please ask for a tour of how the place works and where stuff goes.  Then, every time you attend to work on your bike, we ask that you spend 20 min to tidy up your work area to keep the workspace you used clean and tidy and help maintain the work space for the comfort and safety of everyone else.  This labour share is what keeps Bike Club running smoothly and makes it a good experience for others coming after you.


As a first point of contact as well as to seek out specific advice, we recommend you try our mailing list.  This will put you in touch with a cross-section of people involved with the workshop who have a wealth of information and experience to share.

As a last resort, you can directly contact one of the following:

Hugh – contact for donations of anything bike: clothes, shoes, bikes, parts, consumables and tools. (Building Managers: We can collect from your site; please call to arrange a time.)  Must be within 5km of Waterloo.

If your bikes for donation are outside our catchment area, try your local Council or PCYC; they might be running a programme for ‘at-risk’ teens.  As a last resort, try a ‘Freecycle’ group near you.

0428 639 632 / hughaj ATt gmail DOTt com

Please note that if you send a text message, you might not receive a reply due to our other life commitments.